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V3 Docs: Operations User’s Guide: 1994

By February 4, 1994June 16th, 2022No Comments

The following is an extract of of the GenevaERS Version 3 Operations User’s Guide.

Version of 3 of GenevaERS followed on Version 1, built for the State of Alaska, and Version 2, constructed for various state governments. It was the first commercialized package. It and all the prior versions included CICS interfaces and JCL for the Performance Engine Execution.

Until very recently, most of the program names in the Performance Engine job stream were recognizable from this document. Below is two chapters from the documentation, the major one on the Extract Engine job stream, which included the view selection and logic table build processes, and one explaining the control reports for these programs.

More information about this time is available in Balancing Act: A Practical Approach to Business Event Based Insights, specifically Chapter 12. Types of Computers and Processes and all of Part 5. The Programmer.