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GenevaERS is designed to deal with the problem of efficiently reporting on large volumes of transactional data. It is based on a set of software components with previously patented technology embedded, and it may be customized for use with new or existing data extraction and reporting applications. Learn more about GenevaERS


Training videos and slide decks are available in the Training Area

The Museum

Explore the deep history of GenevaERS documentation and presentations under the GenevaERS Museum

Latest activity…

Spark-POC Initiative

The Project has kicked off an initiative to highlight the relationship between GenevaERS and Apache Spark. We need your help as outlined here

Open Mainframe Project

The GenevaERS project has been approved as an incubation project under the Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project. Learn more about the results: Lucky 13: GenevaERS is an Official Open Mainframe Project project

Proposed GenevaERS 5.0

Architectural thinking about the next major revision to GenevaERS has resulted in these ideas. Learn more at the Proposed GenevaERS 5.0 Architectural Direction

See other activity on the Latest Activity page.

Code & resources…

While the team is working hard to release the code base and provide downloadable executables, our first initiative is a Spark-GenevaERS POC.


To join the meeting or be kept up to date on project announcements, join the GenevaERS Email List. Or join the conversations on the Open Mainframe Project Slack workspace.  Request access here, then when granted look for the GenevaERS Channel.


In the meantime, check out these citations of GenevaERS uses through the years, and the benefits the solution can bring.

Related Materials

GenevaERS is part of a broader set of initiatives focused on modernizing and improving our business, financial and ledger based systems. Check out the thought-leadership collaborative group at and the education resources at